The story of Martin Michniak

Martin Michniak is an experienced, very passionated and hard working DJ, producer and radio host residing in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. His style of music is an unique blend ranging from deep and progressive trance through emotional and energetic progressive to deep techno. As one of the leading trance personas in his country, he has a strong drive to bring his fans to their inner space through music. Join him on his journey and be a part of a beautiful story.

The DJ

It all started back in 2010 with occasional sets characterised by his unique selection of tracks. From intimate clubs to big festivals, Martin Michniak is now known for his ability to adapt to his role for the event. He can properly warm-up the crowd, headline the event with style or even close it not letting anyone stop dancing. With the intentions to further growth and jumping on an international scene, Martin is going to make it big the upcoming year.

The Producer

In 2017, the time has finally come. Martin’s first track called Innerspace was released on Dark Beauty label followed by progressive remixes from Raavn and Division One. Martin is currently working hard on new productions and it is already clear that Martin Michniak is a name to look out for in the near future.

The Radio Host

The Innerspace Radio show has arisen as a story that should take listeners on a musical journey through various music genres. The show is released on monthly basis always the first Wednesday of the month. You can listen to it on Soundcloud, iTunes and in video format on Facebook.

The Explorer

Martin’s vision of connecting everyone through music results in an unique open-to-close solo show concept – The Innerspace Show. One night split into different stages blending together to create an unforgettable journey into the lush depths of attendee’s soul. Coming up in 2018.